Custom picks?

We don’t make them anymore. It’s too time consuming and too expensive to offer. There are a few in the pipeline, but we don’t make them on requests.


Shipping is worldwide and included in the price. Simple as that. No tracking number, they are sent as normal mail to make it possible to send to you without further costs.


All picks are made of Delrin and/or Hostaform, which is a similar compound. It’s approved for food contact in Europe, US etc. so no harmfull chemicals. This applies to the glow in the dark ones as well, they are nontoxic. All materials are bought from Controlled Polymers in Denmark.

Made in Denmark?

The picks are designed by Marc Morgan. He make the design, talk to guitarists/bassists, and do all the product development. He makes the molds, and the picks are being injection molded by Normann & Kock here in Denmark as well.

The team?

Nick Holst – Website and web shop, shipping.

Marc Morgan – Design, fabrication, social media.


Size guide is in the making.