About us Morgan picks was founded on January 1st 2017 by Marc Morgan, and soon joined by his brother, Nick Host. Neither plays guitar or bass, but we believe this is a strength, as we have no personal preferences regarding picks – We simply listen to you, the musicians, and then try to design what you want and need. Each brother is responsible for separate tasks in the company: Marc Morgan, having worked as a toolmaker for the past 20+ years, is responsible for product development, new designs, PR, and dialog with musicians, while Nick Holst, a graduated Sales Assistant, takes care of logistics, sales, shipping, and webdesign.

Marc Morgan designed the first Morgan Pick, after talking to numerous guitarists and bass players – Especially one guitarist, Jacob Chortsen, have greatly helped define the shape of the final product. The result is the SJ1 (Stubby Jazz), with a thickness of 3 mm and a size comparable to Jazz III, but with a solid grip, sharp edges and a pointy tip, perfect for high precision play. The SJ1 received positive reviews and user feedback, but some desired larger version, which lead to the design the next pick, the MS1 (Morgan Standard): A standard sized pick, with the same edges, thickness, tip, and grip and the original SJ1. The pick was well received, and of some considered to be a more versatile pick then the original.

The Faroe band TYR ordered the MS1 in a personalized version with their logo. The TT1 (Thin Tip) and MM1 (Morgan Medium) is based on one of our future signature picks – So you’ll have to wait a bit for the full story behind the designs, but both picks are a bit smaller than a Jazz III XL and are 2 mm thick. MM1 is fairly similar to SJ1 and MS1, except in size and thickness, but the TT1 has a unique, thin, sloped tip, ranging from 1,1 mm to 0,6 mm at the very end of the tip. It’s meant to combine a softer feel of a standard pick, with our thicker and more solid grip area. Thanks for reading! We hope you want to try our picks. If you have any questions, please ask. You can send a mail, or a message through facebook.